Sermon 06 November 2022 (Proper 27)

Guard the good deposit to the end by Fr. Dana

Simple Summary:  Job was faithful and conscientious. His friends were proud and self-righteous. Job was humble, but he knew he was right. He had a faithful heart and kept holding on to faith in God even as he questioned the fairness of life. Job held fast … and Paul tells the Thessalonians, “Hold fast”. So what is it we are to hold fast to?

Lectionary: Job 19:13-27; Psalm 17; 2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5; Luke 20:27-38

Referenced Scriptures: Job 1:1-5; Job 1:8; Job 2:9-10; James 4:6; Luke 18:14; Proverbs 7:3; 1 Timothy 6:20-21; 2 Timothy 1:13-14

Recording – Sermon:!AvYHlhfoSlmRsXjLYXf6t1O5Z3QX?e=3pMlGX

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