Fr. Dana Jackson is a priest in the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, ordained as deacon in 1994 and as priest on the feast day of St. Columcille, June 9, 2003.

The ICCEC is part of a movement within the universal church called convergence or three streams.  It is a home for those who are seeking a church that is fully sacramental and liturgical, fully evangelical, and fully charismatic:

  • The liturgical / sacramental stream reflects the person of God the Father:  majestic, glorious, bringing order out of chaos, at work even today in every part of His creation
  • The evangelical stream reflects the person of God the Son:  the Word made flesh, incarnate as man to be our example, but more importantly to die in our place and rise again, to draw us to Himself and restore us to the Father
  • The charismatic stream reflects the person of God the Holy Spirit:  the Paraclete Who comes alongside, the Comforter sent by the Father at Jesus’ request, Who will never leave us nor forsake us; it is He Who gives gifts for the building up of the Church, and Who causes us to bear His fruit

The early Church was all three, held in perfect balance by their devotion to God and to the faith once delivered to the apostles.  May the same be said of us, for the glory of His Name and the good of all His Church.

Non nobis, Domine!


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