Sermon 22 Sep 2019

Are you a prostitute? by Fr. Dana

Simple Summary:  The Gospel tells of a dishonest manager praised for his shrewd preparations for judgment.  Bp. Elmer Belmonte gives us counsel on the history of the ICCEC.  The Old Testament reading warns what happens when we abuse the poor and kill the innocent.  Are we faithful to obey (a) those God places in authority over us, or (b) only those who pay us to obey?  If the answer is (b), there’s a word for that.

Lectionary:  Amos 8:4-12; Psalm 113; 1 Timothy 2:1-8; Luke 16:1-12

Referenced Scriptures:  Matthew 6:19-21; John 17:21; Hebrews 13:17

Recording – Sermon:!AvYHlhfoSlmRoxz9wTVty-ogjmUp?e=NlZTm8

Recording – Sermon follow-up:!AvYHlhfoSlmRoxvhBx8E716oTFLg?e=vHX7i4