Sermon 05 May 2019

Contributing, or committed? by Fr. Dana

Simple Summary:  We are Christ’s body: what He did, we must also do.  Sometimes we must be blinded by the Truth before we can see it.  We can only succeed if we are committed.  To be committed is to be willing to suffer.  We are Christ’s body: what was done to Him will also be done to us.

Lectionary:  Acts 9:1-16; Psalm 30; Revelation 5:11-13; John 21:1-14

Referenced Scriptures:  Matthew 25:35-36, 40; Romans 8:29-30

Recording – Sermon:!AvYHlhfoSlmRoB2mXm7IZwt6cIYl

Recording – Testimony:!AvYHlhfoSlmRoBwAR1c_dCZ0_O6X