About this election….

This applies not only to America but to every nation on earth where the people are involved in selecting their own leaders:

You cannot expect a people to choose Christian, moral leaders when the people themselves are not a Christian, moral people.  Add to that the principle which God Himself has spoken: if a people who have known Him and seen His blessings then turn away from Him, He will – for a time – abandon them to their own devices until they get their fill and turn in repentance.

The problem is not the elected leaders; the problem is the heart of those doing the electing.  Rather than lobbying your friends and neighbours to join your particular political persuasion, pray that individual hearts would be broken and filled with repentance.  Then when you rise from prayer, walk out your door and be the hands and feet of Jesus to all those you come in contact with.  Only through changed hearts will God change a nation.

We Americans – and others – who are aged have a unique experience and responsibility, for we have lived through times of God’s great blessing which younger ones have never known, and which the father of lies tells them through the culture were actually horrible times.  But we have seen the truth with our own eyes, and we are called to make that truth known.

“I will declare that the Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever.”  Go forth, and carry the Light of Christ into the darkness.