We are at His mercy; we are at His service

It has been quite a journey the last few weeks, which is why I have been silent.  Even this post feels like random scattered thoughts.  So many hectic activities:  my last week of secular employment; completing the last cull of possessions to be kept for the children; cleaning up the Parish House at Church of the Holy Apostles; Edye and Bryn loading up the moving van with tremendous help from Mary, Grace, and John Silva; driving from Virginia to Kansas in two days through mostly-pleasant cloud cover interspersed with times of heavy rain; unloading the van into separate storage for Éowyn and Bryn; and finally settling in at the home of our hosts, the Bastins.

Through it all the Lord has been with us, just as He is with you.  The enemy of our souls is very confident in our day, and he prowls around openly seeking whom he may devour.  We see his workings in our own lives, and in the lives of all those around us – at the Cathedral here in Kansas, the loving churches we left behind in Maryland and Virginia, and the churches we are headed to in England, Scotland, and Ireland.  People are struggling everywhere and in greater numbers than ever: with unemployment, health issues, grief, depression, and every obstacle to growth that the enemy can throw in front of them.

We see even more clearly the evidence that the Lover of our souls is working in His people: new jobs, healings, spiritual and physical growth – even returning health in a parishioner for whom doctors gave little hope of survival.  No matter how dark the night – no matter how dark the culture or your circumstances get – God is there and He is not silent.  You may not hear Him speak, but Jesus lives to intercede for you and the Holy Spirit will never leave nor forsake you.  Press through the dark and the pain, and press into your heavenly Father Who loves you more than you can imagine.  Hold onto Him, but remember even more importantly:  He is holding on to you, and He will not let go no matter how weak you feel.

The enemy is playing for keeps … but God knows his every plan before he even thinks it.  Though we walk through the valley of death we need not fear, for Christ is with us and has gone before us.   Therefore, as Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up.”  God will carry you through!

Praise reports

A donor from Westminster, MD provided half the airfare for Bryn to visit us in London over Christmas

Prayer requests

That my visa would be approved ASAP so I might be in London for Holy Week services

Support status

None reported